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Embassy Page Design (Brazil)

Calendar Accordion Concept

This was a concept I developed in order to try and list multiple Brazil and US holiday and events for the entire year in a very concise and specific area of a web page without forcing users to click or scroll for specific country information.


My idea was to use small flag icons to indicate which holiday and events were specific to the US and Brazil or which events were shared by both countries. I also thought it would be beneficial to also include some very specific information about each holiday or event that could be accessed by simply clicking the expand/contract icon and have the information displayed there.

US Embassy Business Page Design

Blog Page Designs – Photos and Videos

Creative 404 Page

I was asked to conceptualize and design a creative 404 page for the US Embassy redesign project. This was the design I liked the best but ultimately, it was decided that they wanted to go in a different direction and emulate the 4o4 error page.

I modified the puzzle globe to match the color specs of the U.S. Embassy style guide and edited the original Illustrator vector file to display the red puzzle piece as a fallen piece from the globe as it was originally all one piece of art.

US Embassy Re-design Style Guide

A small sample of the Style Guide I designed and created for the U.S. Embassy redesign project.

The full style guide consisted of 15 pages created in InDesign and exported as a PDF.

Alexandria School System – Literacy Framework

Web UI/UX Sketches