When I was a kid, Godzilla and The Creature from the Black Lagoon were always my two favorite monsters. So, you might be asking yourself what does being a werewolf have to do with a personal portfolio web site?

Well, because… there’s a little werewolf in all of us.

As I got older, I realized werewolves are the only creatures that can actually change. All the other monsters are exactly what you see. What you see is what you get, basically. But for you and I, there’s a little werewolf in all of us.
Maybe your iPod is filled with country and hard rock music…
Maybe your Netflix is filled with heady, Oscar winning movies as well as brainless shoot-’em-up action movies…
Maybe you wear a suit & tie at your office but as soon as you get home, you chuck the suit & tie for jeans and a t-shirt…

That’s being a werwolf.

For me, being a werewolf is all about trying to find a balance between my more conservative design sensibilities (being human) and my love for cartoon illustration (being a wolf). On this site, you’re going to see how easily I morph from one form to another. And, in some cases, you’ll see the werewolf in me as I seamlessly combine my love of design with my love of cartoon illustration.

No matter if there’s a full moon or not.

In human form…

I used to be employed as a web and graphicI designer for STG Inc. where I spent five years conceptualizing and designing applications for the USMC’s Program Manager for Ammunition division. That work included sketching concepts, designing logos, creating and maintaining style guides for programmers, creating UI and UX interfaces and so much more.

Now, I am currently working at the U.S. State Department helping the IIP Division with their U.S. Embassy Web Site redesign project. We recently successfully launched the U.S. New Zealand Embassy web site. I helped design the main pages for the entire site. If you’d like to see what it looks like, you can do so by visiting

In werewolf form…

For the last eight years, I have spent my nights and weekends working on a cartoon strip creation I call Capes & Babes that features, oddly enough, a werewolf. I have just recently completed my 1,000th strip and published my fourth book collection of strips and artwork related to Capes & Babes. You can check out all my strips at

On this web site, you’re going to see a lot of Capes & Babes material. That’s because, over the last eight years, by utilizing all of my graphic and web design skills, I have grown Capes & Babes into a profitable, part-time career. And thanks to Capes & Babes, I have been able to travel up and down the east coast attending conventions and participating in panels where I share advice on how to grow your own illustration business via social media, blogging and podcasts.

Thanks to Capes & Babes, I was asked to join The Webcomic Alliance – a web site that produces two podcasts every month and offers free articles on everything from designing logos to hosting your own site. here are a few articles I am quite proud about and have received quite a response:

Werewolves are always broke…

That may be true but when it comes to Capes & Babes, I have made it profitable by carefully researching printers, book publishers and other companies that offer the best pricing on plastic IDs, keychains, stickers, postcards and large display banners. So, even though there may be a lot of cartooning involved, when it comes to the creation of all of these printing projects, there’s a lot of serious design that goes into every piece of Capes & Babes material that is printed or created.

Werewolves love to hear themselves howl…

That’s why, if you do a Google search for “capesnbabes”, you’ll find that I have nearly 3,000 Twitter followers. Now, I realize 3k Twitter followers isn’t in the same realm as, say, Hugh Jackman, but for a werewolf, that ain’t so bad. But I was only able to cultivate such a following due to my engagement with social media and offering advice, tips and all other fun stuff on my Twitter feed. I am equally engaging on Google+, Facebook and Pinterest.

But hey, a werewolf has to sleep sometime though, right? He can’t be a werewolf all the time. Even Michael J. Fox had to “turn off the wolf” every now and then in Teen Wolf. I’m no different. Sure, it’s fun to go to conventions and draw cartoons at night, but just like Michael J. Fox’s character, Scott, you can’t spend all your time van surfing. Sometimes, you have to turn off the wolf and win the basketball game as plain old Scott.

Which brings me right back to design again… Yeah, there’s a lot of illustration on this site but I hope you see that every illustration project is married to a deep commitment to strong design principles as well. Sure, there may always be a werewolf trying to get out and show off his illustration skills but that’s always tempered by my desire to create visually appealing design work.

So, exactly what kinds of skills can I bring to the table? Here a nice little bullet list for you:

  • Silk-screen and T-shirt
  • Newspaper ads
  • Direct Mail packages
  • CD and DVD covers
  • Presentation graphics
  • Information graphics
  • Presentation packages
  • Government Proposal graphics
  • Large Banner designs
  • Plastic ID Badge Designs
  • Book design (Cover & interior)
  • Newsletters
  • Business card and postcards
  • Logo Design
  • Web site conceptualization
  • Sketching and prototyping
  • Website mock-up
  • Template Design
  • UI Design
  • Forms
  • Website Style Guides
  • Online Help Design (Flare)
  • Wiki Page Designs (Sharepoint)
  • Icon creation
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Dashboard design
  • WordPress
  • Editorial Illustration
  • Logo Illustration
  • Character Design
  • Comic Book Illustration
  • Comic Strip illustration
  • Commercial Illustration
  • Instructional Illustration

Some interesting “wolf facts” about me…

In case you’re the type of person that just can’t get enough bullet lists in their life…

  • I was a college mascot for 2.5 years at Radford University. Yes, it got hot. And THIS is what I looked like.
  • I helped co-write two web designing books published by New Riders:
    Building Web Sites with Macromedia StudioMX
    Building Dynamic Web Sites with Macromedia StudioMX 2004
  • I wrote all the chapter on Fireworks and provided all the graphics in each book.
  • I have met and shook hands with Boba Fett (Jeremy Bulloch)
  • I also peed in a men’s urinal next to Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew)
  • I have been to more Wiggles concerts than KISS concerts (Wiggles 5, KISS 4)
  • I can run the 40 yard dash in 5 minutes. With a back wind.
  • For 25 years, I played in a men’s recreational baseball league.
  • I can play every position but I can’t throw a curveball so my pitching is limited.
  • In a 50 game season one summer, I once struck out only 4 times.
  • Nobody in the world cares about that last stat. Except for me.
  • I have one killer drop shot in tennis. But my backhand totally sucks.
  • I coached high school baseball for five years.
  • Five kids I helped coach went on to receive baseball scholarships.
  • I know way too much about the Marvel Cinematic Universe than I really should. It’s really sad.
  • Bull Durham is a tragedy – not a comedy.
  • I saw the debut of Die Hard three times. In one day. Consecutively.
  • I should be ashamed of that last bullet point but I was young, it was fun and tickets were a hell of a lot cheaper back then.
  • I got the idea for adding these bullet points from another blog.
  • No matter how much I try not to, I have a really bad habit of typing “don;t” instead of “don’t”.
  • I want to lobby my congressman to get Congress to flip the ” and the ‘ on all computer keyboards.